My Favorite Bridal Look

Every makeup artist has their own style with makeup. Mine is definitely the smokey but natural look for my brides, which they love! A smokey look does not always have to incorporate black, its all about the blend, eye shape and color, color scheme and desired look. I love using neutrals, burgundy shades and some pops of color with my brides and their girls. It helps to open up their eyes and gives them the “natural” but glam look!

About Me

Doing hair and playing with makeup has been my hobby since I was 15 years old. That hobby quickly became a love and passion that turned into a profession when I graduated high school. I am a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist and I hold a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Management. I have had the opportunity to specialize, work and assist in all channels of hair and makeup including bridal, print, high fashion, event styling, hair coloring, cutting, styling and chemical treatments. I am grateful for the experiences I have had, as it has allowed me to become a well-rounded professional in the beauty industry.

I truly love what I do; I love being an artist. I love watching the transformation a makeover has on a woman’s self-esteem. I enjoy being able to help radiate confidence by making my clients feel like a better version of themselves. I am very excited to be introducing Taylor T Beauty where I will specialize in bridal services, photo shoots, event makeup and hair styling.

If you have any questions regarding services, availability or any other inquiries, please email: I am looking forward to being part of your special day or creative project and sharing my work and expertise with all of you!



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